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How Matt Bettis is Executing the Vision for Loyalty at Inspire Brands

October 14, 2019
By Raj Prashad

When Matt Bettis joined Inspire Brands more than a year ago, he had a clear vision for the strategy behind developing a best-in-class loyalty program. That direction comes from years of experience in technology and marketing.

“My first time working in loyalty was with Delta as part of their Leadership Rotational Program,” Matt said. “That was around the time that I started thinking I could have a career in loyalty.”

From there, Matt moved on to AT&T, where he helped deliver marketing plans and drove new benefits to AT&T customers.

“It was an interesting task at AT&T THANKS because I was trying to get in the minds of customers and figure out what benefits would incentivize them,” Matt said. “That experience was instrumental in my career and has helped me think about loyalty in a different way in my transition to Inspire.”

Shortly after Matt joined Inspire, his first task was evolving the Blazin’ Rewards program at Buffalo Wild Wings. Blazin’ Rewards was rolled out nationwide in the summer of 2017, and in less than three years has added more than 8 million users. But to continue growing the rewards program, Blazin’ Rewards needed to become more than just a transactional platform.

“In the beginning, our guests earned points by buying food and redeeming those points for more food. But when you think about being a sports bar, we’re in a really special industry where it’s standard for fans to be loyal and have emotional ties to sports,” Matt said. “So we needed to have opportunities through Blazin’ Rewards that offered truly differentiated experiences around sports.”

To do that, Matt and his team have begun working to give guests truly unique opportunities around sporting events. While they can still redeem points for food, the Blazin’ Rewards program also offers occasional premium experiences, such as tickets to the college basketball’s biggest tournament this past March.

“The tickets we offered were insane, 10th row, center court. That’s the type of experience we want to provide for our guests,” Matt said.

But Matt and his team are just getting started. They have ambitious plans starting with Buffalo Wild Wings to drive brand loyalty by developing a truly one-of-a-kind program.

“Buffalo Wild Wings is about sharing legendary experiences between friends. We’re taking Blazin’ Rewards and helping them do just that,” Matt said. “At the end of the day, we want our fans to develop a real connection to Buffalo Wild Wings as their home sports bar, and we think we’re well on our way.”

To earn rewards for food and other premium experiences, join the Blazin’ Rewards program here.