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Inspire Joins New Franchise Ascension Initiative as Founding Partner

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By Jessica Shock

Inspire is proud to support the International Franchise Association’s new Franchise Ascension Initiative (FAI) as a founding partner. Designed as a six-month accelerator program, the FAI connects qualified individuals from underrepresented communities with the resources, guidance, and opportunities needed to launch a successful career in franchise ownership.

At Inspire, we’re committed to ensuring the long-term success of the industry by empowering franchise operations and ownership. Coordinated by the International Franchise Association, an organization that has spent more than 60 years educating and advocating on behalf of franchising worldwide, the FAI will open more doors for aspiring business owners from all walks of life.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are nearly 300 industries that offer franchise opportunities all over the world. Currently, those from underrepresented communities make up less than 30% of total franchise owners overall.

Applications to join FAI are now being accepted through June 15, and the class will begin in August 2024. The inaugural class will have access to online and experiential learning, one-on-one mentorship, expert speakers, and more, culminating in a pitch contest on a specific franchise opportunity to leaders across the franchising industry. More details on the program and information for potential candidates can be found here.

Ready to apply for the new Franchise Ascension Initiative? Submit an application here by Saturday, June 15.

To learn more about how we’re putting people first in our own community and those we serve, visit Inspire’s Impact site.