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Arby’s Celebrates 91-Year-Old Employee in Indiana

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By Kendra Rhim

Arby’s not only has the meats. They’ve also got Jack Burkett – a 91-year-old employee in Elkhart, Indiana who’s bringing positivity and good energy to guests every day.

Jack Burkett has worked at Arby’s #7316 for the past 10 years and greets guests as they enter the restaurant.

“My team all agrees that Jack is everyone’s favorite coworker, but he’s really more like family,” said General Manager Rosemary Gresso. “He always has a smile on his face and takes care of our guests in the lobby. He was so excited when the restaurant opened back up after COVID shutdowns, he stood outside with a sign waving for guests to come inside!”

Jack’s dedication to his job not only stems from his love for roast beef – visiting the restaurant was also a ritual he and his wife shared.

“My wife passed away 10 years ago, and I didn’t have anything to do at that time,” Jack shared. “We used to come to Arby’s all the time together. One day, I came in for a sandwich and asked if they needed help and they did.”

When asked what he loved most about working at Arby’s, Jack had a hard time choosing just one thing.

“I can’t tell you just one. There are so many things to love about working here. My supervisors are great – it’s my home away from home,” Jack said.

As far as maintaining a good work ethic goes, Jack credits it to pure fulfillment.

“You know, I’m actually pretty lazy,” Jack laughed. “But coming to work peps me up. It’s really rewarding.”

To thank him for his loyalty, Inspire Brands sent Jack an Arby’s hat, t-shirt, Smoked Sweats, and personal thank-you note.

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