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Arby’s Gets Creative with New Ad Campaigns

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By Raj Prashad

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, Arby’s has taken a unique approach to creating “new” commercials, highlighting a limited-time offer and new menu addition. Starting with the Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich in June, Arby’s teamed with brand agency of record, Fallon, on creative ways to promote the limited-time sandwich despite the challenging situation.

“We had been through two or three rounds of creative with a totally different approach before we had to pivot quickly because it became clear we wouldn’t be able to go through our normal production,” said Emily Ciccone, Senior Director of Advertising, Merchandising and Social for Arby’s. “Our partners at Fallon brought us an incredibly creative solution to refresh footage from a commercial shot over two years ago. This helped us solve the challenges we were facing and the end product is something really special.”

The advertisements feature all the components of the mouthwatering sandwich: diced chicken, red grapes, apples, celery and pecans on a bed of crunchy lettuce, sandwiched between two slices of honey wheat bread. Behind the Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich is a blurred out version of a sandwich no longer available, which Ving Rhames voices not to worry about.

Arby’s followed that by unveiling three Market Fresh Wrap ads in July, where they used animation as another way to work around challenges brought on by COVID-19. The ad begins with greasier food options before highlighting the menu diversity and diet options now offered on the permanent menu at Arby’s.


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