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Hometown Hero: Meet BWW Team Member Anastasia Schwankl

By Inspire Brands

From opening shift at the restaurant, to a 4 a.m. emergency call, quick problem solving comes naturally to Anastasia Schwankl. As a service manager for the Buffalo Wild Wings in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and a firefighter for the Watertown Fire Department, she is constantly thinking on her feet.

“Lucky number seven” of 10 siblings, Anastasia was inspired by her older brother to become a firefighter.

“You might laugh, but the biggest similarity between Buffalo Wild Wings and my other world is that you never know what you’re going to get from night to night and from call to call. That’s what keeps it fresh. That’s what keeps it interesting. And that’s what keeps me coming back.” Anastasia Schwankl, Service Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings

Soon after joining Buffalo Wild Wings, Anastasia found a community at the restaurant. Guests became ‘regulars’ and close friends. One guest even surprised her with a model fire truck celebrating her graduation from Fire Academy. As a service manager, she enjoys teaching and mentoring her fellow team members. It’s relationships and moments like this that make this job so special to Anastasia.

Now, in addition to serving guests and fighting fires, she’s taking on a new role as she finishes up paramedic school. The reason? A passion, Anastasia says, to serve her community in times of need.

“It feels good knowing I can be there for someone on their worst day.”

Anastasia has served as a firefighter in Watertown, MN for four years.