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Blue Moon Partners with BWW to Release Special-Edition Lunar Lander Keg

July 17, 2019
By Raj Prashad
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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo’s moon landing, Buffalo Wild Wings will carry one of just five limited-edition, fully-functioning Blue Moon Lunar Lander kegs. Fans can enjoy Blue Moon’s special-edition keg and $2 Blue Moon draft beers at the sports bar near Cape Canaveral at 7191 Lake Andrew Drive in Viera, Florida, from Friday, July 19-Sunday, July 21, 2019.

“Buffalo Wild Wings was the obvious choice of partner to host one of the Lunar Lander kegs, as the sports bar not only has a strong national footprint, but is also the largest pourer of Blue Moon draft beer nationwide,” said Brian Schmidt, Customer Marketing Manager, MillerCoors. “As a great partner to Blue Moon, we’re excited to work together to bring this activation to life for our guests.”

The kegs were engineered and created by Blue Moon after space company Blue Origin announced its lunar lander, also named Blue Moon, back in May. The Blue Moon Lunar Lander was designed with a large fuel tank in the middle and landing legs at its sides. The Blue Moon Lunar Lander keg took inspiration from that design, with the fuel tank replaced by the company’s Belgian White beer.