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Buffalo Wild Wings Celebrates the Return of Football and Fandom with New Campaign

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After seven grueling months, football is finally back! To celebrate, Buffalo Wild Wings is rolling out a new creative campaign and the first-ever “Football Prenup” in an effort to wake fans up from a domesticated daze and join their herd to enjoy football as it’s meant to be watched – surrounded by wild fans enjoying flavorful food and cold beer, while basking in the glow of endless TVs.

“We love all sports at Buffalo Wild Wings, but let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like football. While you’ve been grinding through a long offseason, we’ve been getting our sports bars ready for the next four months, so we can be there through all your team’s biggest victories and most crushing defeats,” said Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings. “Our latest campaign is all about making sure fans don’t miss any of the action and experience game day as its meant to be experienced: with friends, wings and beer!”

Football Prenup

Football season has been known to test the strongest of relationships, whether it be with your significant other dragging you to a lame gender reveal party or your roommate commandeering the living room to watch a reality TV marathon while there’s a full slate of games underway. To help solve those relationship woes, Buffalo Wild Wings and 22squared are introducing the Football Prenup – a legally binding* fan contract – allowing you to customize season-long terms so your football fandom and domestic bliss can both survive.

Here’s how it works:
– Head to
– Type in the names of both parties entering the agreement
– List your favorite team and games you want to protect
– Add what your partner wants in exchange for those protected game
– Finally sign your prenup and enjoy your football season!

Buffalo Wild Wings has enlisted football rules analyst Mike Pereira to be its “Prenup Official,” to help fans set up their contracts and avoid any flags throughout the season.

Buffalo Wild Wings is partnering with several influential couples – and noted football fans – who will implement the Football Prenup into their game day plans this fall. Of note, one participating couple is college football reporter/host Laura Rutledge and her husband Josh, a retired pro baseball player.

New Fall Football Advertising

Developed by The Martin Agency, the campaign debuts August 26 and will feature 8 unique TV spots throughout the season. The ads encourage sports fans to ditch the obligations that prevent them from watching the games in a bar filled with fellow fans, hot wings and cold beer at the ready.

The 30-second “Mancave” spot will lead the new Buffalo Wild Wings campaign, condemning mancaves as one of the key enemies of football. Mancaves aren’t some masculine refuge where all the guys come to hang out. That place is Buffalo Wild Wings, where jumping on furniture and screaming at the top of your lungs is actually encouraged.

The new creative campaign also features two “Wedding” spots, giving fans an escape from holy matrimony to the place they really want to be: watching fall’s best football at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Additional creative – including the 15-second “High Five” spot – will showcase some of Buffalo Wild Wings’ key offerings such as its Football Game Day Menu, which features food and beverage favorites beginning at just $5.

*In no way is this actually legally binding!