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Buffalo Wild Wings Fills the Stadium Void for Fans as Sports Return

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By Raj Prashad

After the longest drought in sports history, baseball and basketball are finally back. However, there’s one big problem: stadiums and arenas will be completely fanless. No autographs, no beer vendors, no organist, no screaming “airbaaaallll.” No fandom. That’s where Buffalo Wild Wings comes in, as America’s largest sports bar, to pick up the slack and make sure fans don’t miss out on the sports rituals they’ve come to love.

But it’s bigger than just talking the talk. That’s why Buffalo Wild Wings is stepping up as the Great American Sports Bar to keep baseball rituals fans have come to know and love alive. While maintaining strict social distancing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Buffalo Wild Wings is bringing famous beer vendors into the sports bar in D.C. to sling cold ones to fans.

At the M Street Buffalo Wild Wings, just steps from the ballpark, the sights and sounds from the stadium will be on display. Mechanical engineer-turned-beer vendor “Robo Vendor” (aka Perry Hahn), known for his unique contraption that opens and pours two beers at once and Washington legend Todd Georgealis will be serving up ice-cold, refreshing beers, while team organist Matthew Van Hoose brings his real organ to Buffalo Wild Wings. “Fancy Clancy” (aka Clarence Haskett) will be joining his fellow beer vendors from up the road in Baltimore, where for three decades he’s been serving beers with his signature move, a backbend over a railing.

As a special twist, fans inside Buffalo Wild Wings can also enjoy wings out of classic plastic baseball helmets.

Later this season, fans can enjoy in-stadium experiences at Buffalo Wild Wings with a few other local legends:

  • Rocco Caputo, Chicago. He’s become a legend among fans to Chicago fans after slinging beers for over 30 years.
  • “The Beer Guy” (aka Les Flake), Cleveland. He’s been selling beer at Cleveland baseball games since 1979. Everyone knows his signature line, “I’M NOT THE MILKMAN! I’M NOT THE MAILMAN! I’M NOT THE TAX MAN! I’M THE BEER GUY!”