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Buffalo Wild Wings Grants Alberto’s Wish in Texas

February 15, 2019
By Raj Prashad

Thirteen-year-old Alberto Leyton loves buffalo wings. That’s why when Make-A-Wish volunteers met with him to learn what his wish would be, he chose Buffalo Wild Wings to be part of his special day.

But for Alberto, his reason for having lunch at the restaurant involved more than just a delicious meal.

Alberto Leyton, his family and Make-A-Wish volunteers were surprised with Buffalo Wild Wings shirts and merchandise. (Jeff Barrett/Barrett Imagery)

Just one year prior, Alberto’s younger brother had his very own wish granted, where he chose a shopping spree followed by lunch at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Lemmon Street in Dallas, Texas. Alberto recalled the memorable welcome the Leyton family received from restaurant team members during his brother’s wish, leading him to pick the restaurant as his choice this year.

“Last year, when his family arrived, Buffalo Wild Wings already had a table set up for his family and gave them a really good welcome. Alberto and his two brothers are in wheel chairs, and the restaurant was very accommodating.


Alberto loved how special Buffalo Wild Wings made their lunch and he wanted to do exactly what his brother did.” Gloria Rocha, Volunteer, Make-A-Wish

Alberto’s wish included a shopping spree followed by lunch at the restaurant. The family and volunteers were treated to a meal of wings, appetizers and soft drinks, as well as surprises from Buffalo Wild Wings that included branded t-shirts and merchandise.

Thanks Alberto, for choosing Buffalo Wild Wings as your favorite wing spot.

Leyton Buffalo Wild Wings

Alberto Leyton enjoys time with his family at Buffalo Wild Wings. (Jeff Barrett/Barrett Imagery)