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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Hosts End-of-Year Celebration for Deaf Football Team in California

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By Kendra Rhim

After suffering years of athletic defeats, the California School for the Deaf (CSDR) football team in Riverside, California, rose to the occasion in their 2021 season and earned a spot in the playoffs.

There’s something truly special about underdogs coming out on top. And it’s even more special when those underdogs crush stereotypes at the same time. Considering football is a highly audible sport, the team (aka the Cubs) defied all odds with their amazing run this season – one that stunned all of California and garnered media attention from ESPN and the New York Times.

When the Buffalo Wild Wings Foundation learned about the Cubs’ winning streak, they contacted the team and offered to host an end-of-year dinner to celebrate the achievement.

The players, their parents, and coaches were invited to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Riverside for a celebratory meal, free of charge. The event was held on a Thursday, the sports bar’s busiest night of the week.

“We all really appreciate Buffalo Wild Wings and their Riverside, CA team. Each staff member went above and beyond to ensure our football team and their families enjoyed their end of the year party,” said Brittney Kinder, assistant to the superintendent at CSDR. “Our football team worked tirelessly throughout the season to make it to the championship game and end the year with a record of 12-1. For BWW to acknowledge their hard work and offer to host this event meant so much to the players and they are already hoping to have it there next year.”

To accommodate the team and make the experience even more special, the sports bar ensured each of the televisions featured closed captioning.

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