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Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces a New House Beer at Sports Bars Nationwide

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By Raj Prashad

As the largest pourer of draft beer in the United States, Buffalo Wild Wings prides itself on its assortment of beer options. Today, Buffalo Wild Wings is continuing the trend of serving world-class options by introducing a new House Beer — Wild Herd Kölsch by Goose Island.

“We wanted to offer an easy-drinking beer that our guests can enjoy with their wings and burgers during a marathon of games in our sports bars,” said Jason Murphy, Beverage Innovation Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“A Kölsch is the perfect hybrid beer, giving the easy drinkability of a lager with the flavor profile of a craft ale. While the ale yeast gives the light, citrus notes you’d expect from a craft beer, Goose Island lagers the beer, giving it the smooth and refreshing finish you would expect from a light lager.”

The new House Beer has a light, refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed across a variety of menu items at Buffalo Wild Wings: it adds depth to the richness of the Smoked Brisket Burger, tames the heat of spicier wing sauces, such as the Mango Habanero and Original Buffalo, and emphasizes the citrus flavors in the Lemon Pepper Dry Rub.

The beer also pairs perfectly with the sports bar’s hand-breaded chicken platform of Chicken Tenders, the Southern Chicken Sandwich and the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, all beer-battered with Wild Herd Kölsch.

“Not only do we have a beer that drinks well for our guests, but it’s also a great ingredient for our food,” Murphy said. “At Buffalo Wild Wings, this is what we do really well, which is pairing great beer with great food and sports.”

Fans can find Wild Herd Kölsch by Goose Island in Buffalo Wild Wings sports bars starting today nationwide.

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