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BWW Opens Transformative Sports Bar in New Restaurant Design

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By Raj Prashad

This week, just miles away from the Inspire Brands Atlanta Support Center, Buffalo Wild Wings opened Georgia’s first sports bar in the brand’s transformative new restaurant design.

The new 7,300-square-foot Alpharetta sports bar, located at 10890 Haynes Bridge Road, features a unique and immersive experience perfect for friends to gather, watch games and create memories. The sports bar includes all-new fixtures and floors, an all-new bar layout featuring spirits and local craft beer, free-flowing and flexible seating areas and a VIP space.

Included in the new Buffalo Wild Wings is state-of-the-art audio and visual technology, which now features a digital receiver that can control all 45+ televisions in the restaurant. The large arena-like video screens feature anti-glare technology with the functionality to show sports programming in addition to popular gaming channels, such as Twitch.


Buffalo Wild Wings interior Alpharetta

The bar is made out of recycled basketball courts and includes wireless charging capabilities. It opens into the dining area, which mixes rectangular table tops with community tables and booths for parties of all sizes. Televisions located throughout the sports bar give guests a great view of the game no matter where they’re seated.

MVP Room

Buffalo Wild Wings MVP room Alpharetta

Another distinct feature in the new sports bar is the MVP room, which includes three televisions and the best of current gaming through the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as classic Nintendo and Super Nintendo systems.

The new sports bar design debuted in 2018. It’s the first new design for Buffalo Wild Wings since 2012.