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Marriage is On the Dunkin’ Menu for Two New York Contest Winners

Dunkin’ loves Valentine’s Day. Inspired by being part of so many fans’ love stories, Dunkin’ actually put marriage on the menu by giving select fans the chance to kick off Valentine’s Day weekend with a Dunkin’ drive-thru wedding ceremony through an Instagram contest. Meet the two couples who exchanged x’s and Macchiatos at a Dunkin’ drive-thru in the town of Wallkill, New York, this weekend!

Dana & Giancarlo

Fans love Dunkin’, but Dana and Giancarlo really love Dunkin’. These lovebirds have been together for eight years and Dunkin’ couldn’t imagine a better pairing. Originally from Massachusetts, Dana grew up with a special love for Dunkin’. Now as a New York teacher, her students have coined her Dunkin’ Dana. When Dunkin’ asked Dana and Giancarlo why they wanted to get married at Dunkin’, Dana said, “When I saw the contest on Instagram, I 100% knew we were going to get married at Dunkin’. It’s fun and spontaneous, quirky and entirely non-traditional, low stress and memorable. Dunkin’ is the most comforting thing I can think of, it is my happy place!”

Selena & Brian

Selena & Brian, who have been running together for 4 1/2 years, originally had plans to get married in June of 2019, but made the difficult decision to postpone their big day because of the pandemic. “Having just recently made the decision to postpone our big wedding, this opportunity came at the perfect time! Brian and I are both people who live in the moment, so when we got the chance to do something as unique as getting married at our favorite coffee shop, of course we seized the opportunity,” said Selena. As essential workers, Selena and Brian have relied on Dunkin’ to help keep them running and add a little normalcy throughout this past year.

In a time when so many couples have had to reimagine their wedding, Dunkin’ was thrilled to be a part of the big day for these couples and wish them marital bliss with hearts as full as the Dunkin’s heart shaped donuts, love as strong as the brand’s espresso, adventures as fun as box of MUNCHKINS® donut hole treats and memories as sweet as Dunkin’s Pink Velvet Macchiatos.

In addition to the Dunkin’-themed ceremony – complete with festive décor and picture-perfect photo moments – each couple received special wedding presents from Dunkin’, including a gift basket of Dunkin’ wedding gear and accessories, professional photos from the big day and a $500 cash prize. Additionally, other couples in the area were invited to visit the restaurant between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. for a drive-thru vow renewal or commitment ceremony to get in the spirit of the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Looking to add Dunkin’ to your nuptials as well? Check out Dunkin’s first-ever wedding merch collection including a branded veil, bowtie, satin robe, and more!

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