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Dunkin’s ‘The DunKings’ Commercial Shatters Records Beyond Super Bowl

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By Jessica Shock

It’s been less than a week since Dunkin’s second-ever Super Bowl commercial aired, and ‘The DunKings’ continue to reign supreme.

Rated the #2 ad by more than 160,000 votes submitted to USA TODAY’s Ad Meter, Dunkin’s ‘The DunKings’ Super Bowl spot featuring Ben Affleck featured now sold-out merch, new menu items, and even a new song that dropped on Spotify, Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart. The result? DunKings tracksuits and hats sold out in just 19 minutes, more than 77,000 listeners have heard DunKings’ new single so far, and Dunkin’ reported a record Valentine’s Day: more donuts sold on February 14, 2024 than any other day in the history of the brand.

“The comprehensive strategy around this campaign is so much more than the 60 seconds of airtime you saw on Sunday,” says Inspire’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown. “Our team harnessed multiple channels and storylines to build momentum, generate buzz, and deepen connections to Dunkin’ — and it’s paying off.”

But this didn’t happen overnight. The DunKings story began all the way back at last year’s Super Bowl, when Ben Affleck appeared in the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, the Dunkin’ ‘Drive-Thru’. Just a few months later, Ben kicked off the Dunkin’ Run Offer and returned in September to coach Ice Spice. Now in 2024, Ben is fueled by his beloved Dunkin’ coffee and donuts, visiting J.Lo at her work to announce his ultimate DunKing dream that was revealed at this year’s Super Bowl.