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No Vehicle is Too Big for this SONIC Drive-In in Arkansas

By Raj Prashad

For more than 40 years, Ricky Davis has made it a priority to give SONIC guests the high-quality service they’ve come to expect from their local drive-in. But in 2017, he went a step further in providing exceptional service when he relocated his Fordyce, Arkansas, location onto a nearby state highway bypass. As Ricky and his son, Scott, planned and oversaw the restaurant build on the new two-acre lot, they considered how the drive-in could not only continue to serve their local community but make it easier for truck drivers passing through the area to stop in as well.

“Most quick-service restaurants aren’t accessible for truck drivers,” Ricky said. “Logging and deer hunting are some of the main economic draws in Fordyce, so we wanted to make our new SONIC more accessible for everyone to stop in for a quick meal.”

Ricky and Scott first laid out components of a normal drive-in, then added more accessible digital screens, a driveway and a larger parking area. The end result included 17 stalls and a drive-thru window for normal traffic, in addition to two standalone menus for trucks pulling trailers and a third menu on a taller post, accommodating large vehicles such as 18-wheeler trucks. 

Since opening the SONIC with accessible features, the availability for truck drivers has made the drive-in in Fordyce a fan-favorite. 

“The response has been incredible,” Ricky said. “When we first opened, we posted a photo on social media and it had hundreds of shares and comments from all over the country. Whether our guests are locals or just driving through, we are a community-driven business and we strive to take care of all our guests.”

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