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How Great Times at BWW Brought a Group of Friends Back Together

By Raj Prashad

Marc-Alexandre Piette and his friends were like any group of guys in their mid-20’s: life, work and relationships had started getting in the way. But thanks to a chance visit to Buffalo Wild Wings, their friendship is as strong as ever. And it all started with a 12-hour road trip from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a football camp.

“We had just gotten to Ann Arbor and didn’t know where to eat. We had never been to Buffalo Wild Wings but saw they had wings, beer and sports, and that really spoke to us. So we went in and had an amazing time. Watching the games, we had this feeling of camaraderie. Things were like they used to be — just a group of friends enjoying the games and having a good time,” Marc-Alexandre said.

“Our friend group had started to drift apart before that trip. But football and Buffalo Wild Wings brought us back together.”

After arriving back in Canada, Marc-Alexandre and his group of friends began planning their next trip. And in the years since, it’s become a yearly tradition to make a guy’s weekend, going to sporting events and always making a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Since 2016, they’ve driven to Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York, Baltimore and Charlotte for a slew of hockey, college and pro football games.

“We always drive because that’s just part of the experience. We want to go to all 32 stadiums in 32 years, so eventually, we’ll have to fly. But it’s been fun going to games, having these great trips and always making sure Buffalo Wild Wings is apart of it,” Marc-Alexandre said.

To pay homage to the brand they owe to bringing their friend group back together, Marc-Alexandre created custom flag football uniforms with Buffalo Wild Wings sauces replacing the names on the back of their jerseys.

“Buffalo Wild Wings is part of our ritual when we go to football games, so why not wear it on the field?” Marc-Alexandre said.

BWW jerseys

This November, the group plans to keep their tradition alive with a visit to Cleveland, Baltimore and State College, Pennsylvania, for three games in four days. And as Marc-Alexandre said, it wouldn’t be a guys trip without a few stops at Buffalo Wild Wings along the way.