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How One SONIC Carhop’s Small Gesture Made a Significant Impact in Florida

May 28, 2020
By Raj Prashad

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic having a range of effects on communities across the country, SONIC team member Sara Montgomery was looking to make a difference in the lives of guests at the Sarasota, Florida, drive-in. Montgomery recalled how guests enjoyed receiving the small surprise of fabric flowers attached to mints around Valentine’s Day. So she worked with general manager Nate Brandenburg to replicate that initiative. And for at least one guest, it made an immeasurable impact.

After returning home from serving the country in Iraq, the guest hadn’t left her house in months but eventually made the trek to her local drive-in, where she met Sara.

“Not only was Sara the sweetest ever, but she gave me a mint with a little purple flower on it…and it was like a sign that everything was going to be alright. Something so small meant SO much.


Thank you Sara for your wonderful smile and sweetness and for the little purple flower that I will keep to remind me that it is worth it to leave the house. There is hope.”

It’s moments like these, big and small, that continue to take place at drive-ins across the country. And it’s why operators like Sarasota franchisee Brandon Belles is delighted to be part of the SONIC brand.

“Sara is one of so many amazing team members,” Belles said. “She shines during times like these and we are so proud she is part of our Sarasota SONIC family.”