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Buffalo Wild Wings

How TikTok Led to a Buffalo Wild Wings x Umbrella Heights T-shirt Collaboration

By Raj Prashad

More than a year after launching his TikTok channel, Umbrella Heights has become a star on the social media platform, drawing millions of views to artistic videos highlighting anything from five-minute crafts to his ever-popular spin art.

With 1.2 million followers, Umbrella Heights has drawn rave reviews, using the spin art style to fulfill fans’ requests and highlight his artistic talents across pop culture and sports. The latter is what drew Buffalo Wild Wings, America’s largest sports bar, to his channel when Umbrella Heights showed off his unique take on the Green Bay Packers logo.

Umbrella Heights then responded to a request from Buffalo Wild Wings, recreating the sports bar brand’s logo with a video of the art in motion followed by a request of his own: to collaborate on a t-shirt design.

For the Buffalo Wild Wings team, partnering with Umbrella Heights was a no-brainer as the brand continues to find unique opportunities across TikTok, which recently has included sand art of the brand’s logo, a college basketball dance cam and an introduction to the new Blazin’ Challenge.

“Engaging with the community is an important piece to our overall strategy on TikTok. Our goal is to create content that will resonate with the community and deliver on our brand values. So when there are opportunities to forge unique partnerships with really engaging content creators like Umbrella Heights, it allows Buffalo Wild Wings to build our brand on the platform in a very authentic way,” said Josh Martin, Sr Director, Brand Engagement at Buffalo Wild Wings.


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