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Inspire CMOs Discuss Customer Loyalty Playbook at SXSW

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By Jessica Shock

At Inspire, each of our brands has its own unique identity, offerings, and customer base. However, all six brands benefit from the company’s collective strength and a shared Inspire Loyalty team with unique insights and expertise. Providing a look at our innovative approach and how Inspire is supporting loyalty across our brands, three of our brand Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) spoke on The New Playbook for Winning Customer Loyalty panel together at South by Southwest (SXSW).

Dunkin’ CMO Jill McVicar Nelson kicked off the panel by laying out what’s most important when attracting and retaining customer loyalty. “It really comes down to three things: the product, the convenience, and the relevance,” says Jill. “And product for us, really, is where everything starts. You can have the best loyalty program in the industry, but if people don’t love how it tastes – who cares?”

For SONIC’s Lori Abou Habib, making sure your brand is top of mind is key. “Make sure you’re in the consideration set, and that you’re bringing quality messages to life so consumers can understand the benefits you offer at a time when they’re thinking about making trade-offs,” says Lori.

For Arby’s CMO Rital Patel, a large part of the consideration conversation is meeting consumers where they are. “Make things that your customers might not be able to access a little more accessible,” says Rita. “Make sure they don’t feel like they’re always having to trade down or trade-off. Bring those high-quality offers and messages to life.”

While each of our brands talks to their guests with a unique voice, every brand at Inspire is talking to each other. “It’s one of the things I absolutely love about Inspire,” says Rita. “When you put these powerful brands together, the biggest advantage is actually what’s happening behind the scenes.”

“We’ve turned into our consumers’ passion points,” says Jill. “We want to speak to guests in a way that will help their lifestyle; in a way that shows them we’re listening and paying attention.”

Listen to the official SXSW recording of the panel here, and check out how our brands came together for a first-ever menu collaboration exclusively at Variety’s Power of Comedy SXSW event.

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