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Inspire Teams with the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation to Feed Firefighters

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By Raj Prashad

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread nationwide, frontline workers face additional challenges in an attempt to keep the country safe. Because of that ongoing risk, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department has put additional strict precautions in place in an attempt to prevent firefighters from contracting the virus.

These measures have included modified situational responses, with their services dedicated to incidents not including COVID-19, such as fires, medical emergencies and car accidents. Another component to keeping firefighters safe has been maintaining their distance from the general public.

“They’re used to going to the grocery store, buying things for lunch and they simply can’t do that anymore,” Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation Executive Director Shirley Anne Smith said. “Our Foundation has provided comprehensive support to the department, and one of the ways we’re doing this is working with the community to provide meals for our firefighters in order to reduce their exposure.”

Inspire Brands supports the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department with meal donations.

As part of Inspire’s commitment to supporting the communities it serves, Inspire teamed up with the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation to provide over 700 meals from its brands to firefighters.

“Launching the Feed a Firefighter campaign was a no-brainer for us,” Smith said. “It’s been critical to receive the community’s support and we send our immense gratitude with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Inspire Brands from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department.

“If one firefighter gets sick, you could wipe out the entire station. It’s critical now more than ever for them to have support from organizations like Inspire, while they maintain their mission of saving and protecting lives.”