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Buffalo Wild Wings RVP Encourages BRG Involvement to Grow Opportunities for Female Team Members

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By Jessica Shock

Women’s History Month is a time to uplift, recognize, and honor the many contributions women have made throughout history and continue to make every day. At Inspire, we’re proud to highlight our business resource group (BRG), Champions of Women Leaders (COWL) and the work they do to empower women all year-long.

Kirsten Allen is a Regional Vice President (RVP) for Buffalo Wild Wings, working with operations and restaurant team members to create legendary experiences across the Mountain Valley Region. However, she started her Inspire career working for another iconic brand: Arby’s.

“I joined in 2003 as a general manager at Arby’s in Salt Lake City, Utah,” says Kirsten. “Over my 20 years at Inspire, I’ve had the opportunity to work in both Company Operations and Franchisee Support.”

When Inspire was founded in 2018, existing BRGs across Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings came together to support team members at all levels of the company. “I’ve been a part of COWL since its inception four years ago, serving as a Field Lead,” says Kirsten. “My favorite moment with COWL was when we held our first BRG reception at Inspire’s Operations Leadership Conference. It was so impactful to have the company’s full support behind our BRGs and to network with people from all six of our brands.”

For Kirsten, BRG involvement is something every team member should consider. “I encourage anyone and everyone to join any BRG. They provide opportunities to network with people in different roles across the company, giving you the chance to learn about someone else’s experience and perspective.”

As a passionate champion of women in the workplace, Kirsten is excited to continue leading and serving her colleagues through COWL. “I’ve always been a part of women’s leadership,” says Kirsten. “Our Vice President of Talent Management at Arby’s once told me that I have a unique perspective; that I see things differently than other leaders. She helped me understand how important it is that I use my voice, and I feel it’s my responsibility to be a role model for others.”

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