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Jimmy John’s Brings Sandwiches to Some of the Highest People in America

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Jimmy John’s celebrated 4/20 with the highest (elevated) people in America – the 2,742 residents of Leadville, Colorado – the highest city in the United States. Lucky Leadville residents took part in the high time parade which was led by a Jimmy John’s sandwich-wrapped airstream.

In addition to the parade featuring stilt walkers, sandwich spinners, flag holders, and drumline performers – the Leadville community also enjoyed free Jimmy John’s sandwiches, chips, cookies, and JJ x 4/20 inspired merch.

Residents of Leadville weren’t the only ones who took part in the 4/20 fun. Jimmy John’s sandwich lovers across the country were also able to celebrate the day with the brand by tracking their “highness” and receiving a promo code based on their elevation.

For JJ fans on social media, engaging with the brand on 4/20 is nothing new. This year, utilizing the hashtag #GetHighWithJJs, some lucky “high” engagers even scored free JJ x 4/20 shirts and chip bean bag chairs. On a day when many people experience the munchies, Jimmy John’s came through and delivered kick-ass sandwiches for all to enjoy.