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Try Every Item on the Jimmy John’s® Menu to Earn an Exclusive Reward

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Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards® program just got even better with the launch of Achievement Badges, available in the Jimmy John’s App. While the program has existed since 2019, Achievement Badges are a brand-new enhancement to the existing program, offering a gamified experience and opportunity for users to unlock badges, earn rewards, and maybe even fantastical swag from the brand.

Darin Dugan, Jimmy John’s CMO shares, “Three years in, we’ve seen great success and an opportunity to continue to evolve the program. Consumers love gamification, so it’s the natural next step.”

One special Achievement Badge is The Gauntlet, earned when a Freaky Fast Rewards member purchases all 25 Jimmy John’s core menu sandwiches in either Regular or Giant size. The best part of this challenge? Those who complete and unlock The Gauntlet by March 15, can earn the highly coveted, super-sized Jimmy Chips Beanbag Chair!

The 25 sandwiches include Plain Slims® #1-6, Originals #1-6, the J.J.B.L.T.®, Favorites #7-17, and J.J. Gargantuan®.

If The Gauntlet feels too ambitious for you, no worries – Jimmy John’s new Achievement Badges offer something for everyone. “We’ll be releasing new surprise and secret Achievement Badges throughout the year,” notes Darin Dugan. “Whether you enjoy dining in, ordering delivery, or eating late – there’s bound to be an Achievement Badge with your name on it!”

Jimmy John’s fuels your life by serving fast and fresh sandwiches on your terms at more than 2,600 locations across the United States. These sandwiches can be found in person, online or through the Jimmy John’s App. Learn more about Jimmy John’s at Reward Badge Terms and Conditions apply.