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Jimmy John’s in Baton Rouge Celebrates its Elite Team Member, Tim Davis

If you speak to just about any Jimmy John’s fan in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area, you’ll likely hear them rave about a familiar face: Tim Davis.

As Jimmy John’s franchisee Kyle Wilkinson refers to Davis, he’s “Jimmy John’s Elite, the Best Human Alive and a Certified Rockstar.”

“I could say with 100 percent confidence that Tim Davis is the best representative of this great Jimmy John’s brand in the entire country, and it isn’t close,” Wilkinson said. “That isn’t meant to put down other exceptional team members. It’s merely to point out just how amazing of a person Tim is.”

Davis joined the Jimmy John’s brand in 2015 as a delivery driver. Since Day 1, he’s delivered Freaky Fresh sandwiches Freaky Fast, with a smile and an open heart.

“I love delivering sandwiches and doing what I do,” Davis said. “Working in the delivery business, you have to give 110 percent and you will see that effort paid back by the community. Our guests expect a certain standard and I try to uphold that as much as possible.”

For Davis, it isn’t just about upholding the standards set by the brand. He’s constantly going above and beyond out of the goodness of his heart.

Whether that means surprising his team with breakfast on mornings he’s not even working, purchasing bags of chips to hand out when he sees good deeds on deliveries, simply offering to change a tire for a stranger or supporting his community through tough times — big and small — Davis is the epitome of an elite team member.

“Tim is definitely one of the most genuine and generous people I’ve ever met,” said Michael Bagwell, a manager at Jimmy John’s. “Pretty sure he would actually literally give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it.”

Kayla Ducre, another manager at Jimmy John’s, continued, “You’d be hard pressed to find a more willing person who does what Tim does, and even more pressed to find a kinder person. Not only is he great at being a rockstar, but he LOVES working at Jimmy John’s. He’s an expert at knowing the area and he’s a great help when any person who needs directions. He’s such a genuine person and he really just wants to see the people around him happy. Whether it be a team members, family or just a stranger on the street, Tim cares.”

Thank you to Tim Davis for being such a valued member of the Jimmy John’s family.

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