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Jimmy John’s Introduces the Sweetest Pair: Red Velvet Brownie Joins the Red Velvet Cookie on the Menu for February

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Jimmy John’s Unveils New Campaign Featuring Reality Dating Show Stars on Their Search for True Love

Love is in the air, and so is the delectable aroma of Jimmy John’s latest creation – the Red Velvet Brownie. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this mouthwatering addition will be making its debut alongside the beloved Red Velvet Cookie on the Jimmy John’s menu for the entire month of February.

Jimmy John’s is not just satisfying your sweet tooth; they’re also spicing things up with a brand-new campaign titled “Before First Bite – Red Velvet Edition.” This sultry series features your favorite dating show singles – Natalie, Izzy, Bartise, Micah, and Zanab – spilling their true “confections” as they vie for a sweet, velvety, and perhaps even a little rich, partner.

In this episode of “Before First Bite – Red Velvet Edition”, emotions are as sweet as the Red Velvet treats on the menu. The long-awaited return of the Red Velvet Cookie and the introduction of the Red Velvet Brownie set the stage for a romantic rendezvous like no other. Viewers should get ready to sink their teeth into the drama as these singles navigate the delicious twists and turns of their quest for love. The competition is fierce, the flavors are bold, and the romance is red hot. So, grab your eye drops because love is on the menu, and you won’t want to miss a single bite.

“We’re thrilled to bring back the iconic Red Velvet Cookie and introduce the mouthwatering Red Velvet Brownie,” says Kate Carpenter, VP of Integrated Marketing Communications at Jimmy John’s. “The ‘Before First Bite – Red Velvet Edition’ campaign celebrates all things love for Valentine’s Day as we watch our favorite reality dating stars find their true match…whether it’s a person or a sweet treat.”

The Red Velvet Brownie and Red Velvet Cookie are rich, decadent desserts made with dark brown sugar, cocoa powder, and sweet white chips. They will be available at participating locations throughout February; don’t miss out on this limited-time indulgence. 

The “Before First Bite” campaign will run on Jimmy John’s social channels. Check out the spot here