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Watch: Delish’s Julia Smith Tries All 22 BWW Sauces in One Sitting

By Raj Prashad

In Delish’s new YouTube series, “Julia Tries Everything,” Julia Smith embarked on a journey through the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, sampling all 22 sauces in one sitting, from the tamest to the spiciest.

The food expert critiqued her way from mild sauces, like Salt and Vinegar (“If you like salt and vinegar potato chips, they nailed it”) and Sweet BBQ (“Like really good candy”), to medium and hot, where she called the Caribbean Jerk a “sleeper pick.” Eventually, Julia took on the tongue-tingling wild sauces and her “arch-nemesis,” the famous Blazin’ sauce, which left her with a mouth full of fire.

“Every time I breathe, the heat is coming out. I think I feel a tear.” Julia Smith, Delish

Ten napkins later, and with the help of a refreshing Moscow Mule, Julia completed the ambitious taste test, leaving at least one follower clamoring for Buffalo Wild Wings to create a massive sampler platter featuring all 22 sauces.

Check out the full video of “Julia Tries Everything” above.