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Kelsie Borland and Her Horse Took a Special Trip to SONIC

By Raj Prashad

It’s not every day you see a horse trotting through the city. But, if you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you may have seen Kelsie Borland and her horse, Puddin, enjoying a refreshing SONIC Blast on the hot summer afternoon.

For Kelsie, going to SONIC with her grandmother was a daily routine growing up. That’s why she hopped on her horse and took a trip down memory lane, riding two miles into town to the closest SONIC.

“When it’s summertime, there’s nothing better than cooling off with a sweet tea or a SONIC Blast at the drive-in.” Kelsie Borland

“I was craving a SONIC Blast, so I thought it would be fun to ride Puddin into town,” Kelsie said. “It ended up being the perfect treat for both of us because he loves whipped cream and SONIC’s Tots.”

Check out more photos below of Kelsie and Puddin’s visit to SONIC.

Photo courtesy of Dan’niel McKnight

Photo courtesy of Dan’niel McKnight