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Leading with Kindness: Dunkin’ Feeds Every City of Atlanta Firefighter

Dunkin’ recently partnered with the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Foundation to coordinate deliveries of 72 dozen donuts, 36 Boxes of Joe, thank you notes, and gift cards to 36 Fire Stations across Atlanta. Additionally, Battalion Captains at the head station in downtown Atlanta were given Dunkin’ scarves, tumblers, hand sanitizers and masks. 

“We knew it was important to sprinkle joy to people in our communities who make a difference every day,” said Dunkin’ Field Marketing Manager Katie Gaston. “The Fire and Rescue Department of Atlanta was certainly the perfect group to recognize for their consistent support of our communities.”

The team is always looking for ways to align and make a large impact across the seven states in the brand’s South Central Region.

“With the help of our franchisees, operations managers and local partners we are able to work on a collaborative day every month or every other month to coordinate drops across the state lines,” Gaston said. “Last month, we dropped donuts to nurses and patients at seven local hospitals and next month we are looking to celebrate our seven local food banks who have been working hard to support those with food insecurities, especially during this pandemic. Sometimes we have to create reasons, but mostly we look for moments and opportunities and without any hesitation, the teams rally for a beautiful day.”

For Gaston, her favorite part about these events is spending time connecting with the community while representing one of Dunkin’s core value – kindness. 

“These feel-good moments bring me great joy,” said Gaston. “Through this one connection, we have already set up two more opportunities to celebrate those heroes this year – May 4 for International Firefighters Day and September 11.” 

In addition to deliveries throughout Atlanta, franchisees participated in deliveries to local fire departments across Tennessee, Alabama, the Gulf Coast and Georgia. 

“I am so proud to work with franchisees and operations partners who find the time in a busy calendar to commit to making donut and coffee drops to these organizations,” said Gaston. “They’re commitment to their local communities encourages me to continue to bring them ideas and create those reasons to get outside of our restaurants and share in kindness.”