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Learning & Development Manager Shares Lifelong Dunkin’ Journey

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For Diane Ross, Dunkin’ is a way of life. As a high school student growing up in Southeastern Massachusetts, working at the local Dunkin’ was considered a rite of passage. In fact, it was her very first job when she joined in 2006, and she’s been with the brand ever since.

“I’m a Dunkin’ Lifer,” she says. “As a teenager, working behind the counter of a Dunkin’ was just so cool. The work came naturally to me, and I enjoyed the fast-paced environment.” Over the next two years, Diane was quickly promoted up the ranks to Restaurant Manager.

“The thing that really drove me to keep going at Dunkin’ was watching my fellow team members grow within the organization,” she says. “It’s rewarding to see colleagues go through their own journey and evolve into awesome restaurant managers.”

It wasn’t long before Diane was promoted to oversee multiple Dunkin’ locations as District Manager, where she expanded her skillset as a leader in human resources, operations, and – of course – the Dunkin’ brand itself. But it wasn’t until she took on the role of Multi-Unit Manager in Cape Cod that she found her passion in Learning & Development.

“Watching people learn new skills and grow into leaders gave me such a thrill, and I knew this was something I was meant to do,” says Diane. In 2022, she officially joined Inspire’s Field Learning Team, allowing her to focus full-time on her passion.

Today, Diane facilitates foundational training as the Dunkin’ Franchisee Learning & Development Manager based in Plymouth, Massachusetts. As part of the Field Learning team for the Northeast Region, she also supports national and regional initiatives.

“I love teaching and training more than anything else,” says Diane. “I love working within the Inspire family and continuing my journey in a new way. If you like to learn and challenge yourself every day, this is the place for you!”

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