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Buffalo Wild Wings

Loyal Buffalo Wild Wings Couple Turn Rewards Into Meals for the Homeless

Nearly every day for the past two years, Bob and Dr. Laura Dugan have frequented their local, Indianapolis-area Buffalo Wild Wings, collecting points in the brand’s loyalty program — Blazin’ Rewards — while they enjoyed the night’s offering of live sports. Over roughly two and a half years, the Dugans saved up more than 200,000 points that could be used on any combination of free food, merch and tickets.

“Right when the pandemic hit, and the shutdown started and doors closed, and we said, ‘We gotta do something,’” Bob Dugan told 13News. “’We gotta make people happy and do something good for the community.’”

So the Dugans came up with the idea of donating their points for a good cause, teaming up with Buffalo Wild Wings franchisees World Wide Wings, the Indianapolis Willow Lake sports bar and local homeless shelter Wheeler Mission to feed more than 200 people between their men’s shelter and their shelter for women and children.

“To be honest with you, I was kinda shocked,” one gentleman told 13News. “Being that we’re in a homeless shelter, people look down on us because we’re homeless. As long as we get people from outside showing that they care about us, it tells us something different.”

For the Dugan’s it’s all about giving back, whether it’s buying a gift card or simply buying lunch for the person in line behind you.

“It’s so easy to help your fellow man, your fellow neighbor,” said Bob Dugan.