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Meet the Dunkin’Terns: Dunkin’ Recruits Experts, Led by Will Arnett and Corporate Natalie, to Spotlight Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Refreshers and SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’ This Summer

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The Dunkin’ Cinematic Universe is back with a star-studded cast on a mission to deliver “Big Dunkin’ Iced Energy” for all Dunkin’ guests this summer

Fresh off their record-breaking Super Bowl debut, The DunKings are on a well-deserved summer break. Passing the torch from past brand ambassador duties, two new supervisors are now leading a class of Dunkin’ interns, affectionally called Dunkin’Terns. Their goal? Put a Dunkin’ Iced beverage in every hand this summer with a winning combination of great-tasting cold drinks and unexpected collaborations.

In the new campaign launching today, June 17, Will Arnett and content creator Corporate Natalie are taking the reins at Dunkin’ to train a star-studded Dunkin’Tern class. The multi-part campaign will be episodic throughout the summer and is the latest work in Dunkin’s continued partnership with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Artists Equity.

In this first installment of the series, Will Arnett and Corporate Natalie host an orientation at Dunkin’ HQ to challenge the Dunkin’Terns, a group of experts from all corners of pop culture, to put “big Dunkin’ iced Energy” on the map this summer. The well-known interns will leverage their areas of expertise to celebrate all things Dunkin’ Iced – ranging from Dunkin’s first EP to a new menu and a merch collab, and much more:

  • Entertainers Joey Fatone and A.J. McLean are using their OG boy band status to record the next song of the summer inspired by none other than the OG of Dunkin’s cold beverages, Iced Coffee. The track will be featured on Dunkin’s first EP, which will be released later this summer.
  • Chef Nick DiGiovanni pairs up with Dunkin’s very own chef, Dan Cole, to craft the ultimate Iced Coffee Mixology to keep Dunkin’ customers fueled all summer long – including a drink only Dunkin’ has the authority to deliver: a Blueberry Donut Iced Coffee. Guests can look forward to Chef Nick’s very own Dunkin’ menu debuting later this summer.
  • Ambush Designer Yoon Ahn brings the color of Dunkin’ Refreshers into a unique capsule collection dropping later this summer and just in time for a back-to-school wardrobe refresh.
  • Twitch Streamer SypherPK is partnering with Dunkin’ and Twitch Rivals to bring SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’ into the virtual world by creating a custom competitive gaming arena with Oni Studios later this summer.
  • Guests can expect additional appearances from actress Maia Reficco and content creators from all walks of life, including Miss Massachusetts USA 2024 winner Melissa Sapini, stylist Hilton Carter and more – all joining in to amplify Dunkin’ Iced this summer.

It’s no secret that big Dunkin’ iced energy is powering the Dunkin’Terns this summer. Whether it’s an Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Refresher or SPARKD’ Energy, it’s all about that satisfying sound of ice being shaken, the feeling of the cold cup cooling you down, and, of course, the refreshing first sip.

  • Iced Coffee: As a market leader in iced coffee, Dunkin’ delivers freshly brewed iced coffee to guests every day with a smooth, delicious taste. With over 4,500 customization options, Dunkin’ customers have many ways to enjoy the perfect iced coffee this summer.
  • Dunkin’ Refreshers: Available in Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Dragonfruit, and a limited-time Kiwi Watermelon flavor, guests can mix their Dunkin’ Refresher with either Green Tea or Lemonade for the perfect summer sip.
  • SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’: SPARKD’ Energy is the latest, iced-cold way to run on Dunkin’. Available in Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine flavors, these iced sips are made with vitamins, minerals and a kick of caffeine, providing a refreshing burst of energy.

Don’t miss a moment as America’s favorite iced beverages take center stage! To stay up to date on the exciting Dunkin’Terns projects and surprises this summer, follow Dunkin’ on social media (Instagram, X, TikTok, YouTube).