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A Message From Paul Brown: Living Our Values

By Paul Brown

Dear Inspire Family,

It’s been an extremely challenging week for our country. What started as peaceful protests by many has been marred by violence by a few in cities and towns across the country – affecting so many people in the communities we serve. This violence also impacted a number of our company and franchise-owned restaurants and was especially tough on our restaurant team members who were on the frontlines as the attacks were unfolding.

Thankfully, none of our team members were injured. We were able to quickly close many of the restaurants that were in the middle of these events and safely send team members home early as a precaution.

To our team members who have already been working incredibly hard adjusting to the highly fluid operating environment created by the pandemic, we thank you for your commitment and resiliency. On top of everything you have had to manage through during the last couple of months, many of you found your lives disrupted yet again this past week with some even feeling concerned for your safety. I remain in awe of how the field and restaurant teams continue to manage so well even when obstacle after obstacle is put in front of you. We are beyond thankful to have you on our team.

As a company and a franchise system, it is especially important during times like these to look to our values to guide our behaviors. Two in particular are Allies and Good Citizens. We must continue to be Allies supporting each other regardless of backgrounds or beliefs. Further, we need to be Good Citizens to our guests and our teammates as well as to people in the communities where we live and serve – without qualification.

We are in the hospitality business and as such, we welcome millions of people from all walks of life in our restaurants every day. Our 300,000 company and franchise team members who serve these guests also represent an incredibly diverse group of backgrounds and beliefs. This diversity should be embraced and celebrated.

If anything, this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate to ourselves and to others that we strive to live our values every day and in all circumstances. We can show that we are a respectful and open place treating all people with dignity and respect.

I encourage each and every one of us to continue to live our values and support each other, now and always. I’m so proud of the many stories from around the country of our team members doing just that time and time again. I know it’s tough right now in so many ways, but I passionately believe that we will emerge stronger and better while setting an example that we can only hope others will follow.

Thank you for all that you do.

Paul Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Inspire Brands