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National Intern Day – Celebrating Young Professionals

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By Olivia Strauss

This summer, Inspire Brands interns were asked to describe their internship experience. And while they may have used different words, it’s clear they all had one thing in common: shared enthusiasm and excitement for the program. 

Inspire Brands welcomed its fourth class of interns across the country at the Atlanta, Boston, Champaign and Oklahoma City Global Support Centers. This year marks Inspire’s largest internship program to date with 65 students traveling from 19 states to experience a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow. 

“I am looking forward to learning more about each brand and getting to know everyone around the office,” says Bryce Bradley, Lease Administration intern. 

“I have been enjoying my time at Inspire and I’m grateful for the skills that I have acquired and the people I have met,” says Kaleb Fitzpatrick, Global Supply Chain and Procurement intern. 

Networking opportunities like Inspire intern luncheons allow young professionals to connect with leaders in every department and brand. This integration is an important part of the company’s OneInspire culture

photo of interns for national intern day
Left to right: Bryce Bradley, Joe Owens, Ally Huizer, Kaleb Fitzpatrick

“Since my first day, the workplace culture was very welcoming and supportive,” says Ally Huizer, Public Relations intern for Arby’s. 

“Inspire is a place where you can truly get out what you put in,” says Joe Owens, ESG intern. “I’ve had conversations with executives and been asked by multiple people how they can best support me and my goals.”  

In addition to networking, Inspire interns have the opportunity to present finalized projects to executive leadership at the end of the program. While some interns will take what they’ve learned back to campus in the fall, others will begin their search for a full-time career. 

“My dream job is to work as an attorney to represent the interests of innovative companies like Inspire Brands,” says Bryce. 

“I want to shape social and environmental issues in a way that creates value for both the company I work for and the planet,” says Joe. 

“It’s always an exciting time when our intern program kicks off,” says Jessica Shock, Manager of Enterprise Communications and the Internal Communications intern supervisor. “We’re inviting young professionals from all over the country to bring their perspective and expertise to our projects, departments and brands. And this year was bigger than ever before – the cross-collaboration between teams has been electric.”

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