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Hundreds Gather to Celebrate Rusty Taco at Original Restaurant

By Raj Prashad

Inspire Brands Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown joined franchisees, team members, and guests to celebrate the return of the Rusty Taco name at its original restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

“This is just the beginning of the next phase of the Rusty Taco journey.


As we continue expanding the brand and heritage, Rusty Taco will hold onto the essence that makes it special.” Paul Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Inspire Brands

The party on the patio (founder Rusty Fenton’s favorite spot) hosted hundreds of attendees and included tacos, margaritas, a limited edition t-shirt, live music from Rusty’s best friend, Jayson Bales, and a grand unveiling of a new restaurant sign by Denise Fenton and her daughters.

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The Greenville Avenue restaurant was also refreshed with new artwork and hand-painted graphics by popular Dallas artist Sean Starr. Proceeds from the event went to the North Texas Foodbank, which will provide more than 10,000 meals for the hungry in Dallas.

“To have the brand come full circle and return to its Rusty Taco roots feels like we are coming home again.


I’m incredibly grateful to Paul Brown and Inspire Brands for their commitment to finding out who we are as a brand and recognizing the need to celebrate what makes us special.” Denise Fenton, Brand Director, Rusty Taco

Visit Flickr below to view more photos from the event:

Rusty Taco Party on the Patio