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Rusty Taco is Ready to Hit the Ground Running in San Antonio

Despite plenty of competition for San Antonio’s favorite taco stand, Andy Besing and his business partner and Arby’s franchisee Perrin Larsh are bringing a unique and authentic taco experience to the area when the duo opens their first of three Rusty Taco locations.

Drawn in by Rusty Fenton’s story — which followed frequent trips to Mexico in search of his favorite street taco before opening the first Rusty Taco in 2010 — Besing and Larsh can see how that love of authentic, street-taco-inspired flavors has materialized across the Rusty Taco menu today.

“A true taco is one that comes from the same high-quality ingredients used at your favorite taco stand in Mexico, on a corn tortilla and made with love. And that’s what you’ll find at Rusty Taco,” Besing said.

After a visit with other franchisees in Scottsdale, Arizona, Besing and Larsh will move ahead with a full-bar concept in their first location.

“I was very impressed with their operation (in Scottsdale) and they really gave us the idea of doing the full bar,” Besing said. “Here in San Antonio, our guests will be able to enjoy a nice day outside and fresh tacos and ice-cold margaritas with the half inside/half outside bar concept.”

For Besing, the jump into Rusty Taco will follow a passion for the restaurant industry that started at a young age and has continued on throughout his career.

“I started in the restaurant business when I was 15, worked a variety of different positions well into my 30’s and I’ve done just about everything you can do in foodservice. I’m really dedicated to creating the best possible product, and to do that you have to have the right team in place,” Besing said. “I know with this team that Rusty Taco has a really bright future. I like to think we’re being pioneers of this brand, helping expand its reach in Texas and helping the brand take off across the country.”

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