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Rusty Taco Highlights its Signature Queso in New Philly Taco, Loaded Queso

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By Raj Prashad

Since Rusty Taco opened, the brand has boasted its signature queso as one of the best out there. That’s why the founder of Rusty Taco, Rusty Fenton, started a saying that carries on to this day: “In queso emergency, go to Rusty Taco.”

This fall, there’s no shortage of queso at Rusty Taco as the brand’s mouthwatering cheesy goodness takes center stage with the launch of the limited-time Philly Taco and Loaded Queso.

The Philly, the brand’s latest limited-time taco, is all about queso. Think a Philly Cheesesteak, but with a Rusty Taco twist — skirt steak, peppers and onions, mushrooms, lettuce smothered with queso on top, all served on a flour tortilla.

“Tacos are at our core – after all it is in our name – but queso is our not-so-secret weapon,” said Brendan Mauri, Brand President of Rusty Taco. “We really believe we have the best queso out there and it only made sense to combine our guest-favorite queso with a taco.”

There’s never too much queso and plenty to go around, which is why Rusty Taco is also unveiling Loaded Queso options, giving guests the opportunity to top a side of queso with brisket, ground beef, chorizo or guacamole.

Fans can enjoy these offerings for a limited time only, starting September 8-November 8 at all participating Rusty Taco locations.

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