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Rusty Taco Spices Up Menu with Specialty Tacos

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Everyone has heard of it, the “secret menu” at your favorite restaurant, you know… those items that aren’t technically on the menu, but you can still order them. Well, the secret is out, Specialty Tacos have landed a permanent place on the Rusty Taco menu. Gone are the days of remembering what comes on it, the new “not so” secret, fan favorites from the previous few years are here to stay.  

The new Specialty Taco section complements the brand’s classic menu with the street-style taco recipes founder Rusty Fenton created, all while highlighting some of the best-selling limited time tacos. The Specialty Tacos that are here to stay are below. 

  • Acapulco Fish: A grilled or tempura battered fish taco, topped with slaw, pico de gallo, fresh avocado and a drizzle of house made avocado crema
  • The Philly: skirt steak with fajita veggies, topped with Rusty’s signature queso
  • Dynamite Shrimp: A fried shrimp taco with slaw, fresh avocado with a drizzle of house made jalapeno ranch and sriracha on top*
  • Migas: The ultimate breakfast taco, featuring eggs and chorizo, topped with fried potatoes, tortilla chips, rojo salsa, and fried jalapenos.

“Our guests love our limited time tacos, and the excitement around these four tacos was too strong to ignore. We knew we had to add these tacos to the menu full time,” said Brendan Mauri, President, Rusty Taco. “We are constantly recognized for our fish and shrimp tacos, so it was a no brainer to add two more options for fans of those tacos . Similarly with breakfast being a big part of our identity we wanted to add the traditional Mexican-style Migas taco for those looking for the ultimate breakfast taco.”

Cauliflower Street Tacos

The Specialty Tacos addition is not the only change guests will see with the updated menu; a new Cauliflower Street Taco has been added as the new #6 taco. Available with grilled or crispy cauliflower, the taco is topped with our house made avocado crema, slaw, and pickled red onions. Guests can also substitute cauliflower on the baja shrimp or fried chicken tacos, unlocking a whole new section of options for vegetarians.