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SONIC Carhop’s Compassion Goes a Long Way With New York Area Nurse

By Raj Prashad

In communities across the country, SONIC Drive-Ins are providing guests an escape from their daily routine. That could mean anything from serving a refreshing slush on a hot summer day to offering a moment of escape from what the world has to offer.

The latter was the case for a guest, who stopped at SONIC’s Nesconset drive-in after an exhausting 15-hour shift as a nurse in the COVID-19-impacted New York area. Here’s some of what they had to say about their experience after receiving a free meal from SONIC carhop Danielle.

“She thanked me for the battle I fight every time I walk through the hospital doors. I learned that she was a senior nursing student, and I could tell she was extremely compassionate and concerned about the health of others.


This girl is something special, and it made my day much better hearing the kind words she said to me. Thank you SONIC for feeding me after the long hours I worked, and thank you Danielle for being such a sweetheart.”

For this nurse and thousands of other guests across the country, it’s not just about receiving a free meal or having a pleasant conversation. SONIC Drive-Ins are an oasis in guests’ days, providing indulgent meals and moments of carefree bliss.