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SONIC GM Tim Foster Leads the Way With Record-Breaking Food Donation Effort

By Raj Prashad

In the Wichita, Kansas, market, area SONIC Drive-Ins participate in a yearly food drive, supporting local families in need. For 20-year-old Tim Foster, the food drive coincided with his first month as the general manager of the Rose Hill, Kansas, drive-in. And he saw that as the perfect opportunity to make a difference in his community.

“I’ve worked at this drive-in since I was 16, lived in the area since I was 13. So I know this community well and want to do the best I can to support it,” said Foster.

Foster reached out to Sarah Downey, the Area Supervisor for the Kinslow Sonic franchisee group, with one goal in mind: to break the record for most items collected. First, Foster built a food cart for donations, which he placed on the patio area of the drive-in. Then, he spread the word far and wide, reaching out to churches and local organizations for donations.

In just one day, Foster and his team broke the previous record with over 400 items donated. And over the next days, he continued to impress when his team collected more than 1,700 food donations. These efforts will go toward feeding hundreds of their neighbors at local food pantries, soup kitchens and public schools.

“I’m still very early into my management career, but this taught me that whatever I’m passionate about, my team will be passionate about as well,” said Foster. “It really was incredible to see how inspired my team was and how much it meant to them as we achieved our goals.”

The donations have made a resounding impact on the Wichita area, and there’s already anticipation building for which drive-in will claim the top spot on the next go-round.

“This was the best year we’ve ever had for the food drive. To see someone so young leading the way Tim did was incredible,” said Downey. “As members of the community, we can make a real impact and I think this is a great example of that.”