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SONIC Drive-In Puts Guests in the Driver’s Seat with New Advertising Campaign

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SONIC Drive-In introduces today a new advertising campaign and brand identity encouraging guests to embrace and personalize the brand’s good-natured and fun-loving culture with THIS IS HOW WE SONIC. The shift in tone reflects the incredible people, experience and food at SONIC and celebrates the everyday moments that happen in the car with friends and family, or by yourself.

The corresponding branded spots feature real people and follows four families from across the nation as they go about their routine in the span of “One Day,” – sans script – to capture the hilarious and heartwarming moments that happen on the way to, at and from SONIC.

“Our new campaign shows everyone what we’ve heard from guests for years – SONIC is woven into their lives,” said Lori Abou Habib, SONIC’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We want to broaden the aperture to show the whole of America – from the wacky to wonderful – and how our guests own their SONIC experience, because every way is the right way to SONIC.”

The spots also showcase the highly craveable, one-of-a-kind menu items that SONIC is known for. The campaign launches the new, over-the-top, indulgent Reese’s® Overload Waffle Cone. The Reese’s Overload Waffle Cone starts with a crunchy chocolate waffle cone layered with creamy peanut butter and SONIC’s 100% Real Ice Cream, all topped with a drizzle of even more peanut butter, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Mini Reese’s Pieces candy. Guests can also order this delicious treat in classic SONIC Blast® form.

“It’s not that often you are asked to evolve a cultural icon, and even rarer that you are asked by truly lovely people,” said Joe Staples, Executive Creative Director and Partner at Mother Los Angeles. “We, of course, wanted to celebrate Sonic’s insane variety of food, but we also wanted to celebrate the journey and experience you have in your car when you are there. It’s a combination that no one else can offer.”

To invite guests to show their friends and family THIS IS HOW WE SONIC, the brand is dropping a limited-edition number of seasonal swag boxes. Starting Friday, February 28 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, guests can sign up at to be the first to receive a SONIC Swag Drop Box of carefully curated and exclusive SONIC-themed items. Quantities are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis.