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SONIC Limeades for Learning May Teacher of the Month: Expediting Technology for the Classroom

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As a teacher of math and science, Teacher of the Month Rosemary Steinman knows the value of bringing technology into the classroom. Hear how her students reacted when they got access to netbooks – even before their district began supplying tablets – with support from SONIC Limeades for Learning. Ms. Steinman also shares advice for peers across the country as they consider joining the program.   

What is your classroom environment like this school year? 

My classroom environment this year is a melting pot of ability levels, cultures, and students from active military families.

How can community members and programs like Limeades for Learning best support teachers now, and why is it important to you? 

Limeades for Learning supports teachers more than they realize. I first participated in Limeades for Learning during my first few years of teaching. [SONIC and DonorsChoose] helped me secure a cart of netbooks for my classroom before our district went 1:1 with iPads.

What advice do you have for fellow educators during this time? 

Educators are in such a struggle right now with gaps in learning due to COVID the past few years. Stay positive and motivate your students to help make them grow.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Seeing a child’s face light up when the concept clicks with them.

Who or what inspired you to become a teacher?

I have always liked helping others so I wanted to continue that as my career.

What is your favorite project that has received funding from SONIC Drive-In, and why? 

My favorite project funded by Sonic was my netbook cart. The students loved technology in the classroom and I was so glad to give it to them when we didn’t yet have technology in our district.

What tips do you have for fellow educators who want to get started with DonorsChoose and Limeades for Learning? 

Reach out to others who have received funding for help and suggestions. We are glad to help!

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