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SONIC Limeades for Learning Teacher of the Month: Reflecting on a Year of Hybrid Learning

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After a year of hybrid virtual and in-person learning, Teacher of the Month Alma Godoy reflects on the impact of community support throughout rapidly shifting needs from new technology to personal protection equipment. With summer in full swing, she highly encourages teachers to relax and take time to do what they enjoy.

Location: Las Vegas, Nev.
Grade Level: 2nd
Years Teaching: 2

  1. How did your classroom needs change this school year? What types of learning supplies or resources did you need most?

We started fully virtual in August and transitioned to varying degrees of in-person learning through the school year, so our needs shifted with each change. Our district provided Chromebooks to each student for at home learning, and my school sent home backpacks with essentials like notebooks, pencils, crayons, whiteboards and dry erase markers to kick off the school year virtually. I was lucky to have a few projects funded through DonorsChoose and sent home science supplies to each student weekly. These supplies were a gamechanger for teaching science virtually. Once we had students back in person our priority was their safety, shifting our needs to cleaning, sanitizing, and personal safety supplies to limit the spread of germs through shared supplies.

  1. How can community members and programs like Limeades for Learning best support teachers now, and why is it important to you?

This year has given our community a glimpse at how much we pour into our jobs and all the hours we work to make classroom magic happen. Having support from donors and programs like Limeades for Learning is important to me because it gives my students the materials they need and emphasizes how important their education is.

  1. What advice do you have for fellow educators during this time?

We made it through the strangest most stressful school year now it’s time to relax and do things you enjoy that you haven’t had time for. You deserve every second of it!

  1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The students! They come in and make the classroom theirs, filling it with laughter, knowledge and memories. 

  1. What is your favorite project that has received funding from SONIC Drive-In, and why?

SONIC has helped fund a handful of projects for my classroom. Back in September they funded my project “Comfy Cozy Classroom,” and that has to be my favorite! We received a futon and throw pillows that my students love. They say it makes our classroom feel like home.

  1. What tips do you have for fellow educators who want to get started with DonorsChoose and Limeades for Learning?

Writing a proposal and finding the resources for your first project can be intimidating, but there are other teachers willing to help along the way, and makes your heart feels so full! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

  1. How can parents or SONIC fans become more involved in helping public school teachers?

Donate to projects you feel passionate about and share projects that you’d like to see funded with others that may also be interested. Help us raise awareness about the need for appropriate funding in public schools.