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SONIC Drive-In

SONIC Drive-In unveils massive 444-ounce cup and asks fans, “What would you do with 444 ounces of your favorite SONIC drink?”

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For years, the Route 44® has been the iconic drink size from SONIC Drive-In that brings a good time no matter the occasion. But what about those times you need a little more?

SONIC recently sent some of the brand’s top fans on TikTok a giant 444-ounce version of the famous SONIC Route 44® cup and asked them what they would do with 444 ounces of their favorite SONIC drink. With each custom oversized cup standing over 3-feet tall and holding TEN times the amount of liquid as a SONIC Route 44® cup, the opportunities for creating their own SONIC oasis were endless!

This is how some of TikTok’s top stars used the SONIC Route 444*:

TikTok sensation Kelly Wakasa wants to keep his roommates hydrated and is willing to go the distance to deliver 444 ounces of his favorite SONIC drink. 

Gymnast and acrobat Kailey Maurer uses Cherry Limeade as her ultimate athlete’s fuel to perform twists and tricks with her hula-hoop, and having 444 ounces available gives her enough fuel to take her tricks to new heights all day long!

Like father, like son – comedian Christian Hanes brings back his beloved viral characters to see what happens when Dad brings home a 444-ounce SONIC Cherry Limeade to finally stop his son from stealing sips of Dad’s favorite SONIC drink.

Basketball player and content creator Tristan Jass celebrates a “championship-style” basket by soaking in 444 ounces of Cherry Limeade delight.

Viral personality Sloane Veronico shows how 444 ounces of your partner’s favorite SONIC beverage makes the perfect romantic gift.

Skateboarder Cole Trotta shows how the Route 444 allows him to keep his favorite SONIC beverage accessory on hand as he maneuvers his way downhill.

SONIC and skates are a match made in heaven! Roller skater Solomon Sweden and his crew show off their skills while quenching their thirst with the Route 444.

Each personality also included their followers in on the fun by offering a unique code to get a FREE Route 44® beverage**. Fans can visit each TikTok user’s Route 444 social media post to access the promotional code, though they’ll have to act fast as each personality’s code can only be used 444 times!

SONIC fans were able to find the Route 444 cup popping up elsewhere in recent weeks, including at the Texas vs. Oklahoma State game on November 20. Comedic social media sports commentator Lacey Brown reported live from the game and asked fans what they would do with a 444-ounce SONIC cup. The Route 444 cup has even appeared in-studio at The Bobby Bones Show, where Bobby Bones and his team gave away free Route 44® drinks to listeners of the show!**

What would you do with 444 ounces of your favorite SONIC drink? Let the brand know by sharing your ideas on Instagram and Twitter, tagging @SonicDriveIn.