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Rusty Taco

Rusty Taco Introduces New, Limited-Edition Southern Fried Chicken Taco & Rusty Tango Margarita

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Rusty Taco is hoping to delight pickle lovers with their newest menu item, the Southern Fried Chicken Taco. Topped with diced dill pickles, it’s the perfect taco for those who ask everyone at the table, “Are you going to eat your pickle?”

The Southern Fried Chicken Taco features the brand’s signature hand-breaded fried chicken, diced pickles, a drizzle of house-made BBQ honey mustard, and slaw. It can be enjoyed on a flour tortilla, or as a Street Taco bowl, served over cilantro-lime rice and black beans. This is the first time the brand has introduced a taco with pickles or the new sauce.

close-up photo of new southern fried chicken taco next to a small pile of pickles
NEW Southern Fried Chicken Taco

“The limited-edition Southern Fried Chicken Taco builds on our guests’ love for our fried chicken tacos, while introducing new flavors with the pickles and BBQ honey mustard, neither of which have ever been featured on any of our tacos before,” said Brendan Mauri, Brand President of Rusty Taco. “It’s important to us to continually introduce new flavor profiles to our guests, and the mix of pickles with the BBQ honey mustard and fried chicken is one we know everyone will love.”

Additionally, Rusty Taco is introducing a new margarita just in time for patio weather. The Rusty Tango builds on the brand’s signature margaritas, which are always made with fresh lime juice, by adding a bold swirl of sangria. The new cocktail is also the first time the brand has incorporated sangria into their menu.

graphic of new rusty tango margarita that reads "sangria swirl aka rusty tango". drink is placed in front of a brick wall
NEW Rusty Tango Margarita

Both the Rusty Tango and Southern Fried Chicken are available now for a limited time at participating locations. To learn more about Rusty Taco and find the nearest location, visit, and sign up to receive news and offers from the brand at