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Watch: Inspire CEO Paul Brown Visits With Fox Business

By Raj Prashad

Inspire Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown joined Fox Business to discuss the strength of Inspire after the acquisition of Dunkin’ Brands, the importance of being nimble over the last year and how the unique shared-services model has helped Inspire implement learnings across each distinct brand.

“(The acquisition of Dunkin’ Brands) really rounds out our portfolio very well,” Brown said. “It puts us in the breakfast daypart in a very large way.”

With Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins joining Inspire’s family of brands, Inspire is now the second-largest restaurant company in the United States by system sales and it has achieved its long-term goal of scale across digital, loyalty and international footprint.

“We now have access to the international market, with almost 40 percent of our restaurants outside of the United States with the acquisition of Dunkin’ Brands,” Brown said.

In 2021, Inspire will continue to build on its learnings from 2020 across operations and digital.

“We learned to be nimble and agile as a company. That’s one of the reasons we’ve been very successful,” Brown said. “We looked very quickly at how we can learn from one brand to another, take operational learnings, digital platform learnings and how we can remain agile in our approach going forward. We’ll also continue to make investments in digital that will drive efficiencies and growth.”

Inspire has invested in building out a best-in-class IT team of global digital, data and platform engineers, enabling cross-functional and brand collaboration. Following its OneInspire approach, these teams will continue working together and sharing learnings across all brands to enhance the guest experience.

“We’re thoughtful in utilizing our shared services model where we can. If we look at digital, technology and data analytics, those are capabilities we invest in and leverage across all of the brands,” Brown said. “As a large enterprise, we can make investments in those capabilities that each brand wouldn’t be able to individually.”

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