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Nation’s Top Skating Carhops Compete in 2019 SONIC Skate-Off

By Raj Prashad

In front of hundreds of SONIC team members in Oklahoma City, five of the nation’s most talented skating Carhops weathered the sweltering heat to compete head-to-head in the 8th annual SONIC Skate-Off, delivered by Dr Pepper.

The Carhops carried a tray full of SONIC menu items throughout the obstacle course, skating over, under and around a variety of barriers before making a quick dash to the finish.

“I don’t think there’s another company that gives their team members an opportunity to show off their skills the way SONIC does. Being able to compete for prizes just by doing our job is incredible,” said Ryan Pierce, a Carhop from Pineville, La.

Although they were competing for a championship title, new skates and a cash prize, the five skaters operated as a team, cheering for each other throughout the Skate-Off.

“Working at SONIC has always been like working with one big family,” said Kade Wilcher, a Carhop from Bossier City, La.. “We knew we were in a competition, but it sometimes didn’t feel that way. We all encouraged each other as best we could.”

The Carhops received a pre-competition pep talk from SONIC President Claudia San Pedro, a tour of the Oklahoma City Support Center and were served dinner in SONIC’s Culinary Innovation Center. The day after the competition, the skaters finished off their trip with a team-building exercise at Oklahoma City’s Riversports Adventures, where they kayaked through river rapids, zip lined and trekked through a ropes course.

“I didn’t realize how much SONIC put into their team members when I first joined the drive-in,” said Sarah Joyce, a Carhop from Knoxville, Tenn. “From the SONIC Games to the Skate-Off, the opportunities at SONIC are really fantastic.”

The Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists from the SONIC Skate-Off will be announced in September at SONIC’s National Convention in Austin, Texas.

Congratulations to Ryan Pierce out of Pineville, La., for winning the gold medal in the 2019 SONIC Skate-Off, delivered by Dr Pepper!