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Inspire Brands Celebrates Incoming Students at 2019 Cristo Rey Draft Day

By Raj Prashad

As Inspire Brands and other corporate partners filed into Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School for the fifth-annual Draft Day, the energy inside the school was palpable. Students waited with anticipation to find out where they would work as part of Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program — an innovative year-long program that offers students ranging from freshmen to seniors experiences in an entry-level professional setting.

For more than two hours, the arena exploded with cheers of celebration as each draftee stepped onto the stage alongside their new corporate team.

Draft Day is one of the most exciting days of the year because of the significant impact it makes in these students’ lives. The Draft pairs corporate partners with low-income students, allowing them to receive a private education for minimal cost. It also teaches students early on how to balance work with school and their personal lives.

As one of the founding members of Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program, Inspire Brands is heavily invested in youth empowerment and career readiness. This year, Inspire drafted eight students to work at the Atlanta Support Center in departments such as human resources, accounting, communications and development.

“Draft Day has become the trademark program for Cristo Rey, and I can’t imagine where it would be without the support of Inspire Brands,” said Camille Naughton, VP of Advancement and Corporate Partnerships at Cristo Rey. “From Day 1, Arby’s had the right attitude and Inspire has carried on that legacy. Inspire has made a stamp on the kids who have come through their program and you can see how much of an impact its made on their lives.”

Congratulations to Inspire’s 2019 draftees, Guadalupe B., Jean-Marie Z., Melvin G., Ashley T., Eniya M., Martevous G., Angelica G., and Kiana N.