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Arby’s Unveils Limited-Edition Holiday Collection

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Just in time for the holiday season, Arby’s is unveiling a new limited-edition Holiday Collection available exclusively at The collection includes some returning fan-favorites like Arby’s Holiday Shirts and Retro Holiday Glasses, and a new item sure to fill the meatsweats fan in your life: Meatjama Pants.

Check out the entire collection below:

Meatjama Pants: Loungewear, meat Arby’s. These Meatjama Pants feature our all-over Meat Print and they pair perfectly with the soft and comfy Pajama Tee.

Pajama Tee: This lightweight, red and white raglan-style tee is as classic as Beef ‘n Cheddars and Apple Turnovers and pairs perfectly with Arby’s Meatjama Pants.

Arby’s Holiday Sweatshirt: All the tacky charm of holiday sweaters, in a cozy fleece-lined sweatshirt. Wear it at all your holiday gatherings to let everyone know how much you appreciate The Meats.

Retro Arby’s Holiday Glass: Introducing the 2020 Holiday Collectible Glass. Last year’s version sold out fast, so don’t wait. These retro-style glasses are like those vintage Arby’s holiday glasses in your grandma’s cabinet, with none of the dust. Perfect for egg nog, holiday cocktails, or your favorite fountain drink.

All The Meats Wrapping Paper: Last year’s favorite is back. Make your gift-giving a lot tastier with this extremely meaty wrapping paper. That’s right, Arby’s put a meat print on gift wrap. It looks good enough to eat, but please don’t do that.

Discraft ESP Buzzz (Red and White available): This Discraft ESP Buzzz is a straight-flying midrange with consistency, reliability, and most importantly, the meats––all in red ESP plastic with a white matte stamp featuring Arby’s new, exclusive all-over print. Weights may vary.

Prodigy 750 M3 (Red and White available): This Prodigy 750 M3 is a stable midrange disc that is as mouthwatering as it is reliable (but please, don’t eat it). The disc features translucent red plastic with a white matte stamp emblazoned with a new and exclusive all over Arby’s print. Weights may vary.

Latitude 64 Opto Compass (Red and White available): This Latitude 64 Opto Compass is a tasty choice when you’re looking for a stable and versatile mid-range option. Disc features translucent red plastic with a white matte stamp emblazoned with a new and exclusive all over Arby’s print. Weights may vary.

Innova Star Mako3 (Red and White available): If you’re looking for a disc that’s a straight flyer (and looks good doing it), this is it. This Innova Star Mako3 features red plastic with Arby’s exclusive new all-over print in a white matte stamp. Weights may vary.