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Arby’s Flew Fans to Hawaii For an Unforgettable 6-hour Vacation

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By Raj Prashad

When Arby’s presented 11 fans the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime, one-day roundtrip getaway to Hawaii for just $6, the sandwich brand wanted to make it an experience unlike any other. To do that, Arby’s partnered with King’s Hawaiian to condense a full, six-day tropical vacation into just six hours in Oahu, Hawaii.

“I knew we were going to eat the new King’s Hawaiian sandwiches on the beach, but we had no idea what else Arby’s had planned.


It completely exceeded my expectations.” Art Walthall, Arby’s $6 Hawaiian Getaway attendee

After taking a first-class flight to paradise, the group of Arby’s fans were whisked away to a private island and greeted by leis and traditional hula dancing as part of an authentic Hawaiian welcome from the Polynesian Culture Center, which has celebrated and showcased the people, culture, arts and crafts of Polynesia since first opening in 1963. From there, attendees were served the three new protein-packed King’s Hawaiian sandwiches — the King’s Hawaiian Smokehouse Brisket, the King’s Hawaiian Sweet & Spicy Luau Chicken and the Big Kahuna — while lounging on the beach.

The fans then enjoyed a canoe tour in the ocean with the Leeward Kai Canoe Club, famous Hawaiian shave ice from Island’s Finest and a special performance by award-winning artist Kimié Miner before wrapping up their brief stay.

While the trip to Hawaii may have only lasted six hours, the attendees returned home with memories that will last a lifetime.

“With over 15,000 people interested in the getaway, Arby’s definitely got people’s attention. At the end of the day, I think everyone walked away impressed with their commitment to making this an unforgettable trip,” Art said.

“You really can’t get better value for $6.”