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Arby’s Franchisee Joe Brumit: Succeeding Starts With Helping Others

By Matt Baker

When you ask Arby’s franchisee Joe Brumit about his decades of service, he explains one simple truth — it’s not all about us. He believes that if you want to succeed, it starts with helping others succeed first.

Joe and his wife, Janice, have touched thousands of lives throughout the state of North Carolina. Together, they have donated millions of dollars to dozens of organizations, including Eblen Charities, United Way, Child Abuse Prevention Services, Special Olympics, Eliada Homes, Habitat for Humanity, AB-Tech, UNCA, Charlotte United Christian Academy, NC Autism Association and Toys for Tots.

Having no children of their own, the Joe and Janice Brumit have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of other’s children.

Just one of the many ways they’ve brightened the lives of North Carolina kids is through the YMCA Camp Watia. To make the summer camp affordable for all local children, Brumit Restaurant Group committed $150,000 to the YMCA.

It’s heartfelt actions like these that earned Joe Brumit Arby’s top honor, the Inspiring Franchisee of the Year Award, as well as Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine’s 2018 Noble Cause Award, an award given for unwavering support for those in need.

“We focus on the basics of running good restaurants, and we really pride ourselves on developing people.” Joe Brumit, Arby’s Franchisee